Residential & Commercial

No matter what the situation, Mackilwean Turf Farm can cover your ground. We have experienced staff ready to assist you in your next project. From estimating size over the phone to having full on site customer service, to follow up after the job is complete, we are dedicated to serving the customer from start to finish.

Mackilwean Turf Farm’s capabilities allow us to take the small residential patch job, right on up to the multi-acre commercial job. Whatever the size, there is no stopping our state of the art equipment and processes from accomplishing your task in a timely manner.

Sports Turf

Mackilwean Turf Farm is dedicated to serving the sports turf industry. Our sports turf services include large job sod installation, broadcast sprigging, and row plant sprigging. Some of our clients include Bristol Motor Speedway, East Carolina University, and The Emerald Golf and Country Club. We have also installed numerous city and county athletic fields.

With over 900 acres of turf, 6 different grasses to choose from, and more than 35 years experience, Mackilwean Turf Farm is prepared to handle your next job.

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