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The process of aerating allows air to be supplied to the root zone of the plant so it can breathe. Another benefit of this process is cracking the hard pan, which reduces compaction and allows water and nutrients to move freely through the soil layers. The Airway slitter we use cracks the soil down to nine inches and leaves a nice cone shape under the surface which makes the benefits of aerating last longer in most soils. We have the ability to Aerate about 2 acres/hr. Our machine can aerate an existing field without harm to the turf.

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Our crews have installed sod weekly for the last 25 years. We lay sod year-round! Our crews are well trained and supplied with the best and most innovative equipment available.

Once the right turf type has been selected, we begin the installation process by thoroughly raking the site to fine-tune the grade. We install 42” wide big roll sod cut to a length of 103.5’ to minimize the seams and to maximize the appearance. Finally, the newly installed turf is rolled with an 850 pound mechanized roller to ensure root contact with the soil and to further enhance the overall appearance of the job.

Our installation crews are the most professional in our industry and we take great pride in their efforts.

Row Planting

We can plant sprigs of bermudagrass or zoysiagrass on 6” centers into ground that has not been tilled with our Bermuda King row planter.

Sprig Planting

Planting sprigs is an acceptable cost-effective alternative to sod installation for golf courses and athletic fields. With our specialized equipment, we have the ability to make every job a success.

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