Welcome to Mackilwean Turf Farm

A North Carolina family farm since 1790

Mackilwean Turf Farm has been in the Turf Business since 1990. Over the past decade, Mackilwean Turf Farm has become a leader in the Turf Industry. Our commitment to our customers is rivaled by very few. By concentrating on growing a high quality turf and staying abreast of the latest turf varieties, we have taken turf production to a higher level. Once again, this allows us to serve our customers in a way that meets their every need.

Our company’s objective is to provide quality turfgrasses for golf courses, sports fields, home lawns, and commercial businesses. We support the industry with sod sales, on time delivery, installation, sprigging, and aeration.

Whether it’s high profile like East Carolina Athletics, Riverbend Golf and Country Club, or Mr. Jones who wants 2 yds of sod, Mackilwean Turf Farm is dedicated to serve you.

Mackilwean Turf Farm